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United States
Christina is a young girl, about 12-13 years old, and is a little shy. One of the reasons for this is because her parents didn't really like her when she was younger.
She has very long brown hair, with 2 ribbon-like clips in it, which hasn't been cut in a very long time. She wears an odd dress, which has short blue sleeves, a pink heart in the middle, and from the bottom of the heart down to the end of the dress, it's light pink.
Christina also has a sister, who is much older than her. She would always be creating these machines, dangerous machines. And she didn't want Christina in her way.
Christina can barely remember what happened long ago, but it still makes her very sad, so she tries not to think about it.
As far as she knows, she was out in the forest, supposedly camping with her family. She got lost, and when she finally found her way back, everyone was gone...
Christina's favorite activity would probably be playing Hide and Seek, it's a bit childish, but fun to her, since the forest has a lot of good places you can hide in.
She doesn't have a favorite food, there isn't a lot to eat around there. But she's learned to live with it.
Christina actually does have a little PSI, but isn't really that aware of it. She doesn't realize that it's the reason she can talk to animals...

Christina waves.
"Hello! You probably already know this...but my name's Christina.
I'm pretty energetic, I guess...and I love to sing...although I'm not very good at it.
I'd rather not tell you about my past...a lot of bad things happened...and er...I don't have any parents, or siblings.
It gets kind of lonely in the forest sometimes, but I'm getting used to it. Besides, there are animals I can talk to, but to tell the truth, not many can stay long enough for a chat!
Um...when I get angry, for some reason, my hands start to give off this weird red glow. I don't know how long they've been doing that for...and I don't really know what it is. It kind of scares me..."

(("Home base": :iconmotherrp-da:
This character is played by LuckyStarFan8, who also roleplays as Mother2-King.))
Christina was bandaging up an injured animal she had found lying around, hardly moving. Perhaps that would help...she wondered what else there was to do. She wasn't quite an expert.

"There you go, little guy. I mean...assuming you are a guy. Heh, wouldn't that be funny...if you weren't..."

She frowned. No one had stopped by the forest lately. There used to be so many more people, friendly or otherwise, that would keep her company. It was nice. But now there was no one, besides the animals that crossed her path every now and then during the day. She took a stick that happened to be lying around and attempted to doodle in the dirt.

"Really funny..."

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motheroc-ivan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
Ah, the forest. Now here was a place where Ivan could relax for once in his life. Despite the fact that the light did shine through the tops of the trees, for the most part, it was a pretty dark place. The light that did shine here wasn't as bad as the mad made light, anyway- it was much brighter, and far more frightening...

he shook his head. He had to remember not to stare at light that long, even if it was weaker and harder to lull him towards it. Especially if this forest had creatures that...weren't as appealing. Like bears, or wolves. The thought of them sent a shiver down his spine.

Maybe it was best if he got into a tree or something. It would be good to take off this cramped, overheated sweater, anyway.

( hello :> ! ))

MotherOC-Christina Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
((Hello! :D How are you?))

Sitting under a tree in the forest like usual, Christina sighed to herself as she looked at her pale, cold fingers. It had been a while since anyone had spoken to her, she figured that maybe she could start up a conversation with an animal or something.
She stood up and brushed the dirt off of her dress. She looked around and jumped a bit as she saw someone walking around.
She wondered if she should go over and greet him. Looking away, she thought that it would seem too awkward.
motheroc-ivan Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
(( I am, pretty well, I think! tehehe, writing comments on people profiles, but I think I might be typing them too long, ahahaha!! :> ))

A noise caused Ivan to tense up, warily looking about. he relaxed rather quick, though, as the sound did not persist, wherever it was. A long sigh escaped his throat. He always so....uneasy about removing his sweater, even if he was in a quiet, barren seeming forest.

"Relax Ivan, rellaxxx," he mumbled to himself, as he carefully took the bottom of his sweater, ready to lift it up, "there's only silly animals, nothing to be concerned of..."

Oh, if he only knew he had jinxed himself.
MotherOC-Christina Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Christina decided to go and greet the boy who was also in the forest. It was her chance to actually talk to someone other than an animal, so it was worth a shot.
She approached Ivan from behind, hoping she wasn't going to startle him. She took a deep breath and tried to get all of the shyness stopping her to go away.

"Excuse me..." She said in a louder, more positive tone than usual.
"...Who are you?"
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Mother3-Nana Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
*Tries to learn from the past and be quieter*


...I like your ribbons.

...Do you know where to get some like that? I once-

NO NANA. No more rambling.

((That is seriously one of the cutest Mother OCs ever.:)))
MotherOC-Christina Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
Christina smiles at Nana, not seeming to notice how she seemed to be... a bit of a chatterbox.

"Hi there!" She pokes at the ribbons in her hair. "Thanks...and I don't. I've had these for a long time."

((Why thank you! :D))
Mother3-Nana Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011
I see you admire my ribbon. I don't remember how it came to me. I might have made it, or bought it. Maybe I was given it, or I found it on the beach. Maybe I was born with it...
((You're welcome.:)))
MotherOC-Christina Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011
Christina shrugs. "So you don't remember, huh?"
She nods. "It is a nice ribbon. I haven't seen one like that before..." She laughs quietly. "...Not that I've met that many people..."
She pauses. "But lately I've been meeting a lot of new people, it's nice to know how nice some people are--"
"Oh!" She blushes. "Sorry..I'm talking too much."
(1 Reply)
MotherOC-Quinn Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
*Quinn looks around at the forest around him. He doesn't quite recognize the area, but he's determined to find his way out without much difficulty anyway. He stops suddenly, though, and glances around, thinking he's heard something*

H-hello? Is anyone there?
MotherOC-Christina Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
Christina was walking around in the forest as well. She freezes as she thought she heard a voice.
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